Own Your Own Wealth Management Practice
Job Opening: Four Independent Advisors

Stock Broker / Financial Advisor with an existing book of business seeking to join an Independent, SEC-Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.


(Conventional Wire Houses)

No equity ownership.


(Tamar Securities, LLC)

Own your own Book of Business:
  • Sell your practice to get paid today.
  • Next, buy back your practice in the future.
Not in charge of your own destiny.

No succession transfer plan of ownership to your surviving beneficiaries.

Law of diminishing returns: as you become more experienced and near retirement, your practice normally "sunsets" towards zero.

Red tape.

Cumbersome compliance.

Profit centers.
IRA fees, inactivity fees, transfer fees.
Own your destiny.

Succession transfer plan of ownership to your surviving beneficiaries.

Law of increasing returns:  "sunrise" your practice as you become more experienced and near retirement.

No red tape.

Manageable compliance.

No profit centers.

No IRA fees, no inactivity fees, no transfer fees.
Advantages Financial Advisors Should Expect
  • Lower Execution Costs of Equity, Fixed Income, and Cash Management Assets.
  • Access to Institutional Bid/Offer Pricings of Primarily Fixed Income and Cash Management.
  • Access to Institutional Mutual Funds, Independent Research Firms, Boutique Investment Managers, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity Firms.
  • Access to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).
  • Access to Consolidated Reporting from Multiple Financial Institutions.
  • Client Asset Protection Above the Standard SIPC Coverage Per Client’s Account.
  • Cost Control for Clients Such as No IRA Fees, No Inactivity Fees, No Transfer Fees, Etc.
  • No “Red Tape.”
Platform Benefits
Tamar Strives to Offer a Bid Wanted System That Includes:
  • Vast Access to Institutional Bid-Wanted Inventory
  • Improved Bid/Buy Execution
  • Improved Bid/Sell Execution
  • Improved Transparency
Tamar Strives to Offer a Clearing System that Includes:
  • Improved Security Through Multiple Clearing Entities
  • Improved Transparency
Advantages of Same-Day Allocation:
  • Eliminating Profit Centers (Markup-Based Transactions)
Our Goal:
  • Improved Price Execution
  • Improved Research
  • Improved Ongoing Investment Monitoring
  • Improved Transparency

Value Proposition
Tamar Securities seeks to create global asset allocation models; TAF® Index Fund of Fund, TAM® Institutional Fund of Funds, MVS® Individual Stock Portfolios and FIP - Fixed Income Portfolios that focus on preservation of capital, long-term asset growth and superior performance in both rising and falling market cycles. Our hands-on investment discipline, emphasizes deeply discounted Fixed Income and Equity securities in "Super Cycles." This discipline attempts to provide clients absolute returns, independent of the market's strength or weakness.
Job Summary
  • 3 Years Prior Experience of Asset Gathering, Research, Analysis, and Relationship Management
  • Series 65 & 63 (7 & Agent of Life Insurance optional); Clean U4 a Must
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office, Excel, and Adaptive to Other Proprietary Computer Programs
  • BS/BA Degree Recommended
Personal Qualities Desired
  • Sales Experience
  • Exceptional Client Relationship Skills
  • Hardworking, Persistent, Consistent, Entrepreneurial, Self Motivated
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