Customer Service

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TAMAR, as the name implies stands for Trusted Asset Management at Reach. It is TAMAR SECURITIES' goal to extend a trustworthy hand, reach out to the community and help its clients, employees, friends, and family to reach their dreams and aspirations.

At TAMAR SECURITIES, our mission is to foster an asset management culture of trust, honesty and transparency. Our clients and employees are our extended family, and our commitment is to stand with them during the up and down market cycles on their journey to financial success. Empathy is our motto. And our life mission is to establish a trusted, professional, and secure environment for investments in which clients and employees alike could stay on course through hardships and prosperity in order to be able to reach at the end their lifelong dreams, and aspirations.

Please, refer all general inquiries to:

Woodland Hills Financial Center
21031 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1101
Woodland Hills, California 91364
Phone: 818-914-7460
Fax: 818-914-7480