FIP Program

    • FIP utilizes primarily discounted State and Federal Tax-Exempt, and Taxable Municipal Bonds. At times, Taxable High-Yield Corporate Bonds, Foreign-Denominated Bonds, Preferred, and Convertible Preferred Stocks are also considered. The program emphasizes discounted high grade debt securities over equity and alternative investments, mutual funds, and other securities in order to primarily achieve both constant annual income returns and fixed income price appreciation.
    • Tamar Securities performs daily, in depth, independent research of debt instruments regardless of size and ratings. In-house research of all prospectuses and published updates are analyzed and stacked against both the rating agencies’ opinion, and the street research reports.
    • Management of Fixed Income Portfolios can be performed on a dual platform: Discretionary and non-Discretionary fee basis (Registered Investment Advisor), and Discretionary and non-Discretionary transactional basis through our firm’s association with the broker dealer: Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments (PKS), and their clearing operations with National Financial Services (NFS).
    • Tamar Securities seeks professional Bid/Offer execution of bond trades, across all Fixed Income Desks on Wall Street. It is our motto to fight on behalf of our clients for best-in-class executions.
    • In order to accomplish this optimal Bid/Offer pricing principal, we first establish multiple relationships with Fixed Income desks around the country. Second, all bond purchase Offerings are Bid on, and finally, all bond sell Offerings are put out for a Bid from at least three bond desks on Wall Street. This process ensures best-in-class trade executions; and therefore, substantially improves Bid/Offer pricings for the firm’s clients.
    • In many cases, and at odds with Wall Street practices, this Bid/Offer execution platform is duplicated for odd lot bond offerings where there is not enough liquidity; thereby, allowing our firm to Bid on bond Offerings at even deeper discounts then is warranted in a typical market place.
    • Independently of on which bond desk a Fixed Income transaction took place, all trades settle with our firm’s preferred custodian; Schwab Institutional.
  • Last, periodic Ongoing Reviews are scheduled with all clients. This process includes the followings: 1) Review of the entire portfolio as well as its underlying Fixed Income Securities benchmarked each quarter against their respective Fixed Income indexes, 2) Recalibrate each client’s asset allocation models as his or her life circumstances change, and 3) Present consolidated reporting that incorporates the FIP portfolio with the entire holdings of the clients’ other investments disciplines.

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