Financial Planning

Our firm will typically provide a variety of financial planning services, pursuant to a written Agreement, to individuals, families and other Clients regarding the management of their financial resources based upon an analysis of Client’s current situation, goals, and objectives. Generally, such financial planning services will involve preparing a financial plan or rendering a financial consultation for Clients based on the Client’s financial goals and objectives. This planning or consulting may encompass one or more of the following areas: investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, charitable planning, education planning, and business planning.

The plan developed for or financial consultation rendered to the Client will usually include general recommendations for a course of activity or specific actions to be taken by the Clients. For example, recommendations may be made that the Clients begin or revise investment programs, create or revise wills or trusts, obtain or revise insurance coverage, commence or alter retirement savings, or establish education or charitable giving programs. Our firm may also refer Clients to an accountant, attorney or other specialist. For planning engagements, our firm will provide a written summary of Client’s financial situation, observations, and recommendations. For consulting engagements, our firm may not provide a written summary. Plans or consultations are typically completed within six months of contract date, assuming all information and documents requested are provided promptly.


The Client recognizes that the value and usefulness of our firm’s services will be dependent upon the information that the Client provides and the Client’s active participation in their relationship with our firm. Copies of certain Client documents may be requested by our firm to assist in conducting a more complete evaluation of the Client’s financial objectives. Our firm may reasonably request certain of the following documents: insurance policies, wills, tax returns, bank, brokerage statements and other documents depending upon the Client’s circumstances, in order to permit a complete financial evaluation.


Financial Planning/Financial Consulting Services - Our firm offers financial planning services on an hourly basis for $350 per hour, which may be negotiable depending on the nature and complexity of each Client’s circumstances. An estimate for total hours will be determined at the start of the advisory relationship.

Our firm’s fee is exclusive of, and in addition to brokerage commissions, transaction fees, and other related costs and expenses which shall be incurred by the Client. However, our firm shall not receive any portion of these commissions, fees, and costs. The hourly fees are determined after considering many factors, such as the level and scope of the services.

One half of the total estimated hourly fees are due and payable at the time the Client’s agreement is executed, the remainder of the fees are due upon presentation of a plan or the rendering of consulting services. Financial plans will be presented to the Clients within six (6) months of the contract date, provided that all information needed to prepare the financial plan has been promptly provided by the Clients. In all cases, our firm will not require a retainer exceeding $1,200 when services cannot be rendered within six (6) months.

As stated previously, the hourly rate is $350 per hour. In the event that a Client should cancel the financial planning agreement under which any plan is being created, the Client shall be billed for actual hours logged on the planning project times the agreed upon hourly rate. Any surplus in our firm's possession as the result of collecting a deposit at the time of signing the financial planning agreement will be returned to the Client within 5 business days of cancellation.

All mutual fund expenses, transaction fees, administrative costs charged by parties other than our firm are separate and additional to those indicated above.


The Client understands that the Consultant may recommend that Clients execute transactions or do business through a broker-dealer, insurance company or other type of third party firm. In any event, the Client is free to implement their firms of their choice. Consultant does not possess or exercise any discretion with respect to Client transactions.


It is expressly understood and agreed between the parties of this Agreement that TSL will not provide legal advice nor prepare any legal documents for Client.


The termination and refund policy with respect to the Professional Alliance Network will depend upon the third party firm the Client chooses to do business with. With respect to financial planning/consultations, either party may terminate the agreement at anytime by providing written notice to the other party within five (5) days of signing our firm’s financial planning agreement. The Client will incur charges for bona fide advisory services rendered to the point of termination and such fees will be due and payable by the Client. Refunds will be given on a pro-rata basis.

For complete and updated information about our Investment programs and services, please refer to the Firm ADV Part 2A - Firm Brochure: