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TAMAR SECURITIES, LLC (hereinafter "TSL", "TAMAR SECURITIES" and/or the "Firm") an independent SEC-Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), seeks to create Global Asset Allocation models that focus on preservation of capital, long-term asset growth, and*superior performance in both rising and falling market cycles. The firm's team employs "hands-on" investment discipline that emphasizes constant portfolio monitoring during up and down market cycles. Some of the investment disciplines followed by the team include fundamental and technical analysis of risk/rewards, intrinsic values, and "Super Cycles". Investment holdings are benchmarked each quarter against their respective equities and fixed income indexes.

*Past performance cannot be guaranteed for future performance either in rising or falling markets.

TSL endorses a "Top Down" value management approach. The Firm's investment strategy attempts to identify Global Economic Sectors, Sub-Industries, Specific Equities, and Fixed Income opportunities in "Super Cycles" that sell at deep discounts to their respective and historical intrinsic values. TSL defines "Super Cycles" as undervalued Sub-Industries and/or Sectors in the global economy that it considers to be best positioned for "Super Long-Term Growth".

TSL begins each account relationship with a detailed analysis of each client's goals, needs and risk tolerance. Next, the firm fine-tunes all of its Global Asset Allocation models to meet each client's unique personal criteria. Last, TSL constantly recalibrates each client's Global Asset allocation models as his or her life circumstances change.

Absolute returns, independent of the market's strength or weakness, are sought from two principal investment areas:


  • Discounted taxable and tax free bonds,
  • Double tax-exempt and taxable municipal bonds,
  • Preferred and convertible preferred stocks,
  • Convertible bonds and foreign-denominated bonds.


  • Exchange-traded fund of funds(TAF®)
  • Mutual fund of funds (TAM®)
  • In-house value money manager (MVS®),
  • Independent money managers (Large Cap Value- Brandes Global and/or Int'l, Large Cap Value- Cambiar, Large Cap Value- Davis, and Large Cap Value/Int'l- Wentworth Hauser and Violitch, where appropriate:
  • Alternative investments for qualified investors (Long/Short Global Wireless Mobility/Technology hedge fund- Alkeon, private equity, and discounted income- producing real estate investments)

TSL emphasizes discounted high grade debt  securities over equity and alternative investments in order to achieve both constant annual income returns and fixed Income price appreciation. The firm conducts daily' in depth, independent research of debt instruments regardless of size and ratings. In-house research of all prospectuses and published updates are analyzed and stacked against both the rating agencies' opinion, and the street research reports. In addition, the same In-house research is also applied to the Municipal Debt Market in California. Near two decades of researching and investing in this space has landed TSL with a large data base of a vast California Municipal Debt issuance as well as a unique set of expertise to enable it to capitalize quickly when dislocations in this debt market occur. Management of fixed income portfolios can be performed on a dual platform: Discretionary and non Discretionary fee basis (Registered Investment Advisor), and Discretionary and non Discretionary transactional basis through the firm's association with the broker dealer: Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments, and their clearing operations with National Financial Services (NFS). TSL seeks professional bid/offer execution of bond trades, across all fixed income desks on Wall Street. It is the firm's motto to fight on behalf of its clients for best in class executions. In order to accomplish this optimal bid/offer pricing principal, TSL first establishes multiple relationships with fixed income desks around the country. Second, all bond purchase offerings are bid on, and finally, all bond sell offerings are put out for a bid from at least three bond desks on Wall Street. This process ensures best in class trade executions; and therefore, substantially improves bid/offer pricings for the firm's clients. In many cases, and at odds with Wall Street practices, this bid/offer execution platform is duplicated for odd lot bond offerings where there is not enough liquidity; thereby, allowing TSL to Bid on bond offerings at even deeper discounts than is warranted in a typical market place. Last, independent of the bond desk where a fixed income transaction takes place, all trades settle with the firm's preferred custodian, Schwab Institutional.



One of the most important building blocks of TAMAR SECURITIES’ approach to preservation of capital and long-term asset growth resides in its insightful understanding of the team’s clients; their risk/reward parameters, their personalities, their long-term needs, their aspirations, and their coping during market fluctuations. Therefore, in order to ensure orderly implementation, and long-term asset growth of investment portfolios, TAMAR SECURITIES begins each account relationship with detailed analysis of each client’s goals, needs and risk tolerance. Next, it fine-tunes all of its asset allocation models to meet each client’s unique personal criteria. Last, the team constantly recalibrates each client’s asset allocation models as his or her life circumstances change. This process of a well defined and executed investment plan often leads to long-term investment relationships that stay on course during up and down markets, and ultimately reach their final destination.

In order to assist TAMAR SECURITIES in developing, executing, and monitoring each client’s long-term Global Asset Allocation Models the team has recently initiated a Consolidated Reporting effort. TAMAR SECURITIES now has the capability to perform quarterly Consolidated Reporting on the entire firm’s clients’ assets independently of where these assets custody. Providing clients with a comprehensive, one stop presentation of their entire portfolio holdings is an integral part of the team’s pursue of excellence to servicing its client’s accounts. This process often improves overall risk/reward performance of investable funds, and better help to retain and gather new assets under management.


The business model of the financial industry has transformed in the past few decades. Today, the big wire houses invest their own capital along side their client assets. In many cases, this can create conflicts of interest where by the mega wire houses bet against clients’ positions. In addition, to make matters worst, the closed platform environment of Wall Street wire houses is the anti-thesis for fostering an environment of transparency, competitive pricing, independent research, and trust. Lastly, with the recent financial turmoil and the bankruptcy filing of Lehman Brothers along side the government orchestrated bailouts of Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, City Group, and AIG clients now face a new reality. The last perceived added value of Security and Trust by Wall Street’s largest wire houses is gone.

As a result of these developments, TAMAR SECURITIES is keen of becoming the antithesis of Wall Street’s old ways of doing business. Its target market are all these individuals that seek security, trust, transparency, competitive pricing, and independent research. The TAMAR Group’s comprehensive approach to independent Global Asset Allocation, superior hands on management, service and absolute performance independent of the market’s strength and weakness is an asset in this environment. This is how the team intends to differentiate itself from the competition preserve its asset base and grow its business.


TAMAR, as the name implies stands for Trusted Asset Management at Reach. It is TAMAR SECURITIES' goal to extend a trustworthy hand, reach out to the community and help its clients, employees, friends, and family to reach their dreams and aspirations.

At TAMAR, our mission is to foster an asset management culture of trust, honesty and transparency. Our clients and employees are our extended family, and our commitment is to stand with them during the up and down market cycles on their journey to financial success. Empathy is our motto. And our life mission is to establish a trusted, professional, and secure environment for investments in which clients and employees alike could stay on course through hardships and prosperity in order to be able to reach at the end their lifelong dreams, and aspirations.


TAMAR SECURITIES, LLC (hereinafter "TSL","TAMAR SECURITIES", "TAMAR" and/or the "Firm") seeks to create global asset allocation models that focus on preservation of capital, long-term asset growth and *superior performance in both rising and falling market cycles. Its "hands-on" investment discipline which emphasizes deeply discounted Fixed Income and Equity securities in "Super Cycles" attempts to provide clients absolute returns, independent of the market's strength or weakness.

TAMAR as the name implies stands for Trusted Asset Management at Reach. At TAMAR SECURITIES we gain trust by working all heartedly for our clients and not the profit centers of the mega wire houses. All clients are a part of the TAMAR family. As a family they are not subject to "petty charges" such as account fees, inactivity fees, electronic funds transfer fees, and IRA Fees, to name a few. The clients gain complete transparency at all layers of operations.They can decide on the best and least expensive course for managing their assets. The clients' risk/reward parameters, goals, and needs come first and not the products that are sold to them. Independent Investment managers are contracted only after a stringent set of quantitative and qualitative criteria are met. Trade executions on behalf of the Firm’s clients are performed away from the profit center desks of the big wire houses. Lastly, assets are managed with the total understanding of each client's goals, needs and risk tolerance. Only then comprehensive global asset allocation models are set in motion with a single focus on preservation of capital, long-term asset growth and* superior performance in both rising and falling market cycles.

*Past performance cannot be guaranteed for future performance either in rising or falling markets.

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Amit Stavinsky
CEO, Managing Director and Lead Advisor

Amit Stavinsky is the Managing Director, and the Lead Advisor of the wealth management firm TAMAR SECURITIES, LLC. He is also a registered representative with Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments, Inc. ("PKS"), a registered broker-dealer and Member FINRA/SIPC.

A native of Israel, Amit has been an investment professional in the US since 1991. From 1996 to 2010, Amit served as an Executive Director of Investments and an Omega Portfolio Manager with Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. Before joining Oppenheimer in 1996, he worked as a Financial Advisor at Prudential Securities.

From 1982 to 1986, Amit served as a Lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force, performing various aviation intelligence assignments. Subsequently, he founded the Israeli Economic Monthly Review, a financial publication with a circulation of 20,000 that targeted institutional and high net worth readers. He sold this publication after moving to the U.S.

Amit describes himself as a top-down value investor who seeks to identify domestic and global companies in undervalued sectors which he refers to as "Super Cycles" that sell at deep discounts to both their respective and historical intrinsic values. Amit defines "Super Cycles" as undervalued sectors in the global economy that he believes are best positioned for "Long-Term Growth".

Amit graduated magna cum laude in Finance from Woodbury University. He holds the General Securities Representative License (Series 7), the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam (Series 63) and the Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam (Series 65). He is also licensed as an Agent for Life Insurance in the state of California.

Amit resides in Woodland Hills, CA with his wife and three children. He is an advisor to the Peace Works Corporation and a frequent speaker at synagogues in the Los Angeles area.

Franklin Parks 
Senior Financial Associate

A native of Washington, D.C., grew up in Maryland. He attended the University of Maryland, graduating with a degree in Communications from the College Parks campus in 1981. After he moved to Los Angeles, he joined Dean Witter in 1987. Subsequently, Frank worked at Morgan Stanley. In 2003, he joined Oppenheimer where he became associated with Amit Stavinsky.

Frank holds the General Securities Representative License (Series 7) as well as the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam (Series 63). He is also licensed as an Agent for Life Insurance in the state of California.

Dominick Savo
Senior Client Associate

Dominick Savo has an extensive educational background, initially receiving his Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from Tri State University in 1960 and going on to obtain a Masters in Physical Chemistry from Loyola University in 1968, as well as a Masters in Management from Northwestern University in 1980.

Dominick began his career in the financial industry as an Independent Financial Representative with Primerica Financial Services in 1998 where he remained until August of 2013 in addition to serving as President and CEO of Janco Greenhouses. Dominick joined Tamar Securities in August of 2013.

Dominick holds the Investment Company Products/Variable Contracts Representative License (Series 6), the Investment Company Products/Variable Contracts License (Series 26) as well as the Uniform Agent State Law Examination (series 63) and the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination (series 65). He is also licensed as an Agent for Life and Health Insurance in the state of Califoria.

Tobie Rodriguez
Senior Financial Advisor

Tobie Rodriguez, is a native of Los Angeles, California, born in West Covina. Tobie graduated from Moorpark College in 2003.

Tobie holds the Company/Variable Contracts Limited Representative Exam (Series 6) as well as the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam (Series 63).

Michelle Milley
Financial Advisor

Michelle Milley is a Financial Advisor at Tamar Securities, LLC. Her responsibilities include portfolio management, business development, optimization disciplines, and web design. Prior to joining Tamar Securities, she helped families reach their financial goals at Primerica Financial Services.

Michelle first developed her passion assisting fellow Marines in managing their finances in the United States Marine Corps while serving as an F/A-18 Airframes Mechanic. After 6 years in the Marine Corp, Michelle expanded her engineering career as a shift engineer and manager at Teradyne, Inc., which designs, manufactures and supports semiconductor test products. Later on, Michelle worked in manufacturing for both Neutrogena, Inc., and Cytec Engineered Material.

Michelle’s greatest strengths are her creativity, adaptability, drive and leadership. She thrives at Tamar Securities, LLC helping clients build wealth, and reach their financial independence.

Notable is her many years working as a private academic tutor specializing in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, paving the way for over 40 families to be able to send their children to the top U.S. universities.

Michelle holds the Uniform Investment Advisor License (Series 65).

Michelle earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts and an MBA from Pepperdine in Malibu, CA.


Following extensive due diligence, TAMAR SECURITIES, LLC (hereinafter "TSL","TAMAR SECURITIES", "TAMAR" and/or the "Firm") have selected Charles Schwab Institutional to become the preferred custodian for its clients' assets. Schwab Institutional has a pristine balance sheet as measured by its tangible net equity. It provides insurance over and above the standard Federal SIPC coverage per client's account by Lloyd's of London. Further, it is considered a leading, unbiased custodial firm on Wall Street. Please, find additional information on Schwab Corporation's financial strength and asset protection under separate cover.

TAMAR SECURITIES, LLC also selected the broker dealer services of Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments (PKS) for its transactional Fixed Income platform (Non-fee-based asset management). PKS is based in Albany, New York and will clear all of our transactional securities through one of the nation's most reputable clearing service providers, National Financial Services (NFS). Independent of the bond desk where a fixed income and/or equity transaction takes place, all trades will settle with our firm's preferred custodian, Schwab Institutional.