Item 14. Client Referrals and Other Compensation


A. If someone who is not a client provides an economic benefit to our firm for providing investment advice or other advisory services to our clients, we must generally describe the arrangement. For purposes of this Item, economic benefits include any sales awards or other prizes.

Schwab has provided a loan to us to assist our business operations, and the loan is guaranteed by Amit Raz Stavinsky, a principal of our firm. The terms of the loan require that management fees to our firm be paid to an account at Schwab for deduction of interest and principal payments pursuant to the loan before we may have access to that fee payment. The loan agreement contains various representations by our firm, including that we will maintain $65,000,000 million in assets under management, and various events of default, including that our firm will comply with all laws, contracts, licenses and permits. In the event of an unheeded default under the terms of the loan agreement, Schwab may terminate and/or accelerate the loan, which may have a material adverse effect on our firm's ability to perform services for our clients.

The Schwab Advisor Business Loan benefits us and may not benefit our client accounts. Our firm’s recommendation/requirement that a client place assets in Schwab's custody may be based in part on benefits Schwab provides to us, and not solely on the nature, cost or quality of custody and execution services provided by Schwab.

B. If our firm or a related person directly or indirectly compensates any person who is not our employee for client referrals, we are required to describe the arrangement and the compensation.

We do not pay referral fees (non-commission based) to independent solicitors (non-registered representatives) for the referral of their clients to our firm in accordance with Rule 206 (4)-3 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.