Table of Contents

Tamar Securities – About Us

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Value Proposition
  3. Statement of Financial Strength
  4. The Management

Global Asset Allocation Products

  1. FIP – Fixed Income Portfolio
  2. FIP Wrap Fee Program
  3. Fees and Compensation
  4. FIP Wrap Fee Program Fee Schedule

Types of Municipal Bonds

  1. Introduction to General Obligation Bonds (GOs)
    • Double-Barreled Municipal Bonds
  2. Revenue Municipal Bonds
    • Municipal Asset Allocation by Market Value
  3. Credit Factors Affecting GO Bonds
  4. Credit Factors Affecting the Quality of Local Municipal Bonds
  5. Analyzing the Credit Quality of GO Bonds
  6. Analyzing the Credit Quality of Revenue Municipal Bonds

Tamar Securities Value Proposition

  1. What We Buy Currently 
  2. What We Normally Don't Buy
  3. Municipal Bonds – Unique Asset Class
  4. Turnkey Operation Platform – "Soup to Nuts"
    • Bid Wanted/Institutional Bond Dealers
    • Clearing Institutions
    • Preferred Custodian Settlement
    • TSL's Ongoing FIP Management
    • Same-Day Allocation

Sample Portfolio

  1. Analysis
    • Discounted Price Appreciation
    • Cumulative Current Income
    • Portfolio's Total Return

Thank You

  1. Disclaimer


  1. Default Rates
  2. % Difference in Yield between 10-Year Muni and 10-Year Treasury

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