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This brochure supplement provides information about Mr. Stavinsky that supplements Tamar Securities, LLC’s brochure. You should have received a copy of that brochure which is titled: Form ADV, Part 2A. Please, contact Mr. Stavinsky if you either did not receive this brochure or if you have any questions regarding the contents of this supplement.

Additional information about Mr. Stavinsky is available on the SEC’s website at

Item 2
Educational Background and Business Experience


CEO, Managing Director, and Lead Advisor

Amit Stavinsky is the Managing Director, and the Lead Advisor of the wealth management firm Tamar Securities, LLC and a registered representative with Purshe Kaplan Sterling. Amit has been an investment professional in the U.S. since 1991. From 1996 to 2010, Amit served as an Executive Director of Investments and an Omega Portfolio Manager with Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. Before joining Oppenheimer in 1996, he worked as a Financial Advisor at Prudential Securities.

From 1982 to 1986, Amit served as a Lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force, performing various aviation intelligence assignments. Subsequently, he founded the Israeli Economic Monthly Review, a financial publication with a circulation of 20,000 that targeted institutional and high net worth readers. He sold this publication after moving to the U.S.

Amit describes himself as a top-down value investor who seeks to identify domestic and global companies in undervalued sectors which he refers to as "Super Cycles" that sell at deep discounts to both their respective and historical intrinsic values. Amit defines "Super Cycles" as undervalued sectors in the global economy that he believes are best positioned for "Long Term Growth".

Amit graduated magna cum laude in Finance from Woodbury University. He holds the General Securities Representative License (Series 7), the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam (Series 63) and the Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam (Series 65). He is also licensed as an Agent for Life Insurance in the state of California.

Amit resides in Woodland Hills, CA with his wife and three children. Amit is an advisor to the Peace Works Foundation and a frequent speaker at professional entrepreneurial events in the Los Angeles area.

Item 3
Disciplinary Information


If there are legal or disciplinary events material to your evaluation of Mr. Stavinsky, we are required to disclose all material facts regarding those events.1

We have nothing to disclose in this regard.

1 Note: Our firm may, under certain circumstances, rebut the presumption that a disciplinary event is material. If an event is immaterial, we are not required to disclose it. When we review a legal or disciplinary event involving Mr. Stavinsky to determine whether it is appropriate to rebut the presumption of materiality, we consider all of the following factors: (1) the proximity of Mr. Stavinsky to the advisory function; (2) the nature of the infraction that led to the disciplinary event; (3) the severity of the disciplinary sanction; and (4) the time elapsed since the date of the disciplinary event. If we conclude that the materiality presumption has been overcome, we prepare and maintain a file memorandum of our determination in our records. We follow SEC rule 204-2(a)(14)(iii) and similar state rules.

Item 4
Other Business Activities


A. If Mr. Stavinsky is actively engaged in any investment-related business or occupation, including if Mr. Stavinsky is registered, or has an application pending to register, as a broker-dealer, registered representative of a broker-dealer, futures commission merchant (“FCM”), commodity pool operator (“CPO”), commodity trading advisor (“CTA”), or an associated person of an FCM, CPO, or CTA, we are required to disclose this fact and describe the business relationship, if any, between the advisory business and the other business.

1. If a relationship between the advisory business and Mr. Stavinsky’s other financial industry activities creates a material conflict of interest with you, the SEC requires us to describe the nature of the conflict and generally how we address it.

Amit Stavinsky is a licensed insurance agent with various insurance companies in the state of California. In his individual capacity as licensed insurance agent, he may sell insurance products to our investment advisory clients. A conflict of interest exists to the extent that our firm recommends the purchase of insurance products where our firm’s Advisory Affiliates receive insurance commissions or other additional compensation.

Amit Stavinsky, is a general partner for Gapa, LLC, a limited liability company formed in California for real estate investments and development. Mr. Stavinsky spends 12-14 hours per month on this activity. Tamar Securities’ clients are not solicited to invest in this outside business therefore no conflicts of interest exist.

2. If Mr. Stavinsky receives commissions, bonuses or other compensation based on the sale of securities or other investment products, including as a broker-dealer or registered representative, and including distribution or service (“trail”) fees from the sale of mutual funds, we have to disclose this fact. If this compensation is not cash, we are required to explain what type of compensation Mr. Stavinsky receives. We must explain that this practice gives Mr. Stavinsky an incentive to recommend investment products based on the compensation received, rather than on your needs.

Mr. Stavinsky is a registered representative with Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments, Inc. (“PKS”), a registered broker-dealer and Member FINRA/SIPC. Our firm is not affiliated with PKS. In order to comply with FINRA Conduct Rule 3040, PKS as an unaffiliated broker-dealer may periodically review the investment advisory transactions of our firm. This information will be viewed by PKS’ compliance department personnel for supervisory purposes only. No information viewed will be utilized for purposes of solicitation or shared with any affiliation outside the scope of regulatory compliance. In addition, Mr. Stavinsky may refer clients to banks where clients would set up a margin account for which Mr. Stavinsky will be compensated by these financial institutions.

B. If Mr. Stavinsky is actively engaged in any business or occupation for compensation not discussed in response to Item 4.A, above, and the other business activity or activities provide a substantial source of Mr. Stavinsky’s income or involve a substantial amount of Mr. Stavinsky’s time, we are required to disclose this fact and must describe the nature of that business. If the other business activities represent less than 10 percent of Mr. Stavinsky’s time and income, we may presume that they are not substantial.

Mr. Stavinsky participates in other outside businesses. None of these businesses, however, are investment-related nor do they contribute a large about of time or income deemed to be substantial.

Item 5
Additional Compensation


If someone who is not a client provides an economic benefit to Mr. Stavinsky for providing advisory services, we are required to generally describe the arrangement. For purposes of this Item, economic benefits include sales awards and other prizes, but do not include Mr. Stavinsky’s regular salary. Any bonus that is based, at least in part, on the number or amount of sales, client referrals, or new accounts should be considered an economic benefit, but other regular bonuses should not.

We have nothing to disclose in this regard.

Item 6


We are required to explain how we supervise Mr. Stavinsky, including how we monitor the advice Mr. Stavinsky provides to you. Our firm has to provide the name, title and telephone number of the person responsible for supervising Mr. Stavinsky’s advisory activities on behalf of our firm.

Amit Stavinsky is the sole principal and Chief Compliance Officer and as such has no internal supervision placed over him. He is, however, bound by our firm’s Code of Ethics and is regulated by all applicable federal and state laws, rules and statutes in keeping with the highest levels of professional and ethical standards.